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Daniel Kehl Gründer und CEO - Swissfillon AG - Mobile +41 79 405 08 86, Tel. +41 27 948 90 90

Daniel Kehl founder and CEO - Swissfillon AG - Mobile +41 79 405 08 86 Phone +41 27 948 90 90

Switzerland is known for its high level of precision, exceptional reliability and flexibility, as well as a high level of safety. As a Swiss company in the pharmaceutical industry, Swissfillon meets these expectations in a special way in the particularly sensitive area of sterile filling of pharmaceutical liquid injection solutions.

We are committed to our national and international clients as well as to medical professionals, nurses and patients, who rely on 100% reliable products from the pharmaceutical industry and depend on professional work throughout the entire Fill & Finish process.

As a young company, we can draw on a wealth of experience that comes from our employees' engineering process competence and specialization in medical technology. We can refer to an international customer base that can rely on the highest quality, absolute sterility and high-precision filling with absolute adherence to delivery dates in every phase of the filling process at Swissfillon.

The highly flexible multi-use system of our partner OPTIMA and a reliable team of specially trained employees guarantee high performance and best results in the sterile filling of pharmaceutical highly potent liquid active ingredients.

I can stand for that with my word!

Experience the Quality of Swissfillon AG

Our customers benefit from a performance and precision that sets standards in the sterile filling of pharmaceutical highly potent liquid active ingredients. We would be pleased to convince you of the innovative performance of our company, which has already established itself internationally as a one-stop shop for Fill & Finish solutions. Get in touch with us!

Experience Competence Live

We would be pleased to use this opportunity to show you how the filling processes at Swissfillon actually work. From compliance with cGMP requirements for safety and sterility to computer- and robot-based filling processes and individual testing of each individual filling by our employees, we guide you through a highly complex process that leads to the specified product solutions at all times.


Our Professionalism Lives from Commitment

Rainer Glöckler Head of Production +41 79 255 6206 +41 27 948 90 90

Rainer Glöckler –  Head of Production (Mobile +41 79 255 62 06 / Phone  +41 27 948 90 90)

As Head of Production at Swissfillon I know with what commitment and passion all our employees work on special solutions for our customers. A high-tech process not only requires comprehensive training, but also depends on the commitment of each individual who brings his or her professional expertise to Swissfillon.

We offer our customers highly professional results in the sterile filling of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients. We create end products that reach the consumer in application-safe and precisely dosed vials, disposable syringes and capsules. This is where maximum precision is essential, which we can guarantee at all times.

Exclusive Services for our Customers

Exclusivity always lives from special features. Especially in the sterile filling of pharmaceutical liquids we are prepared for special requirements. An important part of our service spectrum is the entire quality control from the analysis of the raw mate- rials and active ingredients to the release of the filled finished product.

At the end of such processes there are solutions that are always geared to the re- quirements of our customers and produce consistently tested and exact products. We are also happy to meet unusual requirements such as the filling of highly viscous and / or oil-based products. Swissfillon staff also have expert know-how when it comes to handling highly potent pharmaceuticals which are used in oncology. This leads to exclusive services that can only be expected from specialists in their field.

Benefit from the Precision at Swissfillon

Pharmaceutical companies that want to complete their products with the highest quality and safety in filling are in good hands with Swissfillon. We fill vials, capsules and disposable syringes under sterile conditions and in outstanding quality. Concentrate yourselves on your pharmaceutical products, which we fill precisely and reliably. That is our passion.

Our Partners for your Success

Great achievements are always a product of the interaction of outstanding partners. Our precision, reliability and safety depend not insignificantly on the cooperation with the best possible partners. In a professional cooperation, complex and individual product solutions are created, which are oriented to modern standards and often far exceed them.

We rely on the competence of OPTIMA's plant manufacturers, fill vials, syringes and cartridges from the OMPI as standard and cover the entire need for analytical quality control from a single source with our QC partners.

Qualification and Certification

In addition to state-of-the-art technical equipment with innovative solutions, we rely fully on comprehensively trained and specialized employees who are competent, committed and motivated to meet the high demands of sterile filling of pharmaceutical highly potent liquid active ingredients.

In addition to the optimal qualification directly in our company, we rely on the further development of all participants and partners, for example through our Swissfillon Academy.

We see the approval by Swissmedic not only as the starting signal for the commercial operation of our plants for the European pharmaceutical market, but also as a test certificate for the proper and technically correct execution of our specialized services.

In close cooperation with a US-based pharmaceutical customer, Swissfillon were also preparing itself for the approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which took place in 2019.

Swissfillon – The Story

How an idea turns into a specialised company: Swissfillon AG from Valais is a young start-up, but it hardly corresponds to the typical image of such a company. No fixed idea from handicrafts in a garage in the way of the American Silicon Valley, no quick start with just as fast immersion in the depths of the digital economy and no shirt-sleeved student types determine the image of the company with its location in Visp, which is now on its way to conquering a special market. The style of Swissfillon is rather determined by decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, top engineering achievements, a start-up phase lasting several years and professional employees. Good reasons why the young company was successfully tested and approved by Swissmedic, the approval and control authority for pharmaceutical products, in the first half of February 2018.



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Send us your inquiry and we will be happy to offer you a solution. Let our experienced team help you turn your Fill & Finish project into a profitable experience.


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Our Fill & Finish facility is located in Visp in the canton of Valais. Thanks to our central location, you can reach us in approx. 2 hours from the airports in Zurich, Basel, Geneva or Milan.

Our building is close to the railway station of Visp. From there you can reach us on foot in 2 minutes.