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Swissfillon Press Release 2019

Press Release: Valaisan of the Year – Daniel Kehl and the Swissfillon Team

The innovative Visper entrepreneur Daniel Kehl is Valaisan of the Year 2019! The title was awarded for the 11th time on Friday (25 October) by Plenum VS, an economic and cultural network of Valaisans and friends of the Valais. Daniel Kehl and his team were honoured at the ceremony in the Kursaal Bern for their passionate commitment as entrepreneurs and innovators. His company Swissfillon AG has redefined international standards for the sterile filling of complex liquids for the pharmaceutical industry.

At the award ceremony for Plenum VS in the Kursaal in Bern, laudator Christoph Schaller (Managing Director of pixon engineering AG) underscored Daniel Kehl's commitment to implementing his high-tech idea of filling small quantities of valuable complex, sterile pharmaceutical products. It took a whole four years for Swissfillon AG to be officially launched in 2018 as a small company on the premises of BioArk Visp. With the approval of Swissmedic, the Swiss regulatory authority for medical products, and the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Upper Valais-based company has become the best contact for fill & finish services of the highest precision and agility for its national and international customers in the pharmaceutical industry. 

The young company emerged from the bosom of pixon engineering AG in a well-considered and professionally designed start-up process. It was Daniel Kehl, a trained process engineer with a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, who successfully launched such a company. Swissfillon fills vials, capsules and disposable syringes under sterile conditions and in outstanding quality with a high level of technical know-how. 

Under the moderation of Plenum VS President Martin Luggen, the approximately 50 guests experienced a highly informative evening in Bern on Friday with an informative presentation by Swissfillon and an entertaining conversation between SRF correspondent Adrian Arnold and communications consultant Reiny Schnyder. The evening was accompanied by music from the Christine Juon Trio with guitarist Nicolas Fardel and bassist Patrick Perrier, who moved between blues, soul and jazz. 


Ambassador for the Valais

The Plenum VS promotes the exchange of information and ideas between its members with several events of its own. The canton of Valais benefits because it wins ambassadors who are committed to the concerns of their canton and actively support it with their knowledge and relationships. The association is an important representative of Valaisan culture in German-speaking Switzerland. The title "Valaisan of the Year", awarded by an autonomous jury, is not only an honour for the work carried out, but also a motivation for future achievements. The awards have so far gone to Jean-Pierre Roth, President of the Swiss National Bank, Rachel Harnisch, opera singer, Simon Anthamatten, mountaineer, Adrian Margelist, fashion designer, Hermann Biner, entrepreneur, Nadin Borter, advertiser, Pavel Lehky, technician and inventor, Jean-Claude Bregy, entrepreneur, Gampel open-air festival and Nicolas Steiner, film author.

from left to right: Guest speaker Adrian Arnold, Reiny Schnyder (Executive Board Plenum VS), Valaisan of the Year Daniel Kehl, Laudator Christoph Schaller (Managing Director Pixon AG), Martin Luggen (President Plenum VS)


The implementation of the new 10ml format for the West Smart Dose application is nearing completion

At the end of June 2019 Swissfillon AG started the implementation of the new 10ml cartridge format for the West Smart Dose application. After a 3-month implementation and qualification phase, the production team, together with external partners, has successfully converted the system for the upcoming filling process. This first customer-specific GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) filling is planned for the 4th quarter of 2019.

The foundation stone for this was laid with the signing of the contract between Swissfillon AG and West Pharmaceutical Services at the beginning of 2019. This enabled the knowledge of a provider of aseptic filling services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and a leading global provider of innovative solutions for the administration of injectable drugs to be pooled.

Swissfillon Press Release 2018

Swissfillon AG – How an Idea Turns Into a Specialised Company

Ladies and Gentlemen,

on 09.03.2018, at 16:00, Swissfillon AG would like to take the opportunity to present itself to interested media, primarily the regional and national press, at its location in 3930 Visp.

Swissfillon AG is the specialist for the sterile filling of complex and highly potent pharmaceutical liquids, such as those used in syringes. The approval for this was granted by the supervisory authority Swissmedic in February 2018.

Swissfillon AG covers the final and most demanding step in the production of sterile liquid medicines with a high-tech filling system that can flexibly and precisely dose even the smallest quantities. Swissfillon AG is thus closing a gap in the market that is closing a growing national and international demand for precise and sterile filling of complex and highly potent liquids.

The specialised system guarantees maximum precision with the greatest possible flexibility and stands out from comparable suppliers thanks to its technological maturity and highly qualified staff.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the press event on 09.03.2018 at 16:00 hrs in our location in Visp. There, information will be provided by Managing Director Daniel Kehl, supplemented by a guided tour through the highly specialized plant and a subsequent small press conference at which further questions can be asked. In addition, we have prepared an informative press kit. A current press release can be found in the appendix to this information.


Due to the highly specialized filling plant in our operating rooms, we provide you with our own photographic images of the technology itself. Accordingly, we ask you to refrain from filming and photographing in the operating rooms of the bottling plant. Photographs of the information round and the press conference as well as of the outdoor facilities are also permitted without special permission.

Please give us some feedback as to whether and how many people you would like to attend the press conference.

Looking forward to your visit

Daniel Kehl
CEO Swissfillon AG

Precision and Passion for the Smallest Quantities

Swissfillon AG Visp, a small company officially launched in February 2018, redefines Swiss standards for the sterile filling of highly potent liquids for the pharmaceutical industry. With the approval by the Swiss regulatory authority for medical products Swissmedic, Swissfillon AG is now the best partner for its national and international customers from the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to fill & finish services of the highest precision and quality.

Matured from experience

It took a whole four and a half years for Swissfillon AG to become what it is today. In a well-considered and professionally designed founding process, the young company emerged from the bosom of Lonza AG. It was there that Daniel Kehl, a trained process engineer with a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, launched a company that is already scoring with a certain degree of maturity.

This maturity is the result of highly concentrated work not only on the idea itself, but above all on the required technology. When it comes to the sterile filling of highly potent pharmaceutical liquids, the life of people is also at stake. This becomes particularly clear when Swissfillon fills syringes for use in medicine. Here, the highest precision is essential, both in terms of quantity and sterility. If mistakes occur here, they quickly affect the patients and can even have fatal consequences in an emergency.

This approach clearly shows why Swissfillon AG has taken so much time for a clean start by today's standards. It's about the world-famous and highly valued Swiss precision, it's about reliability and flexibility in every production step. This requires not only a fixed idea, but above all mature experience in technology and its implementation.

Passion as Drive

Not only the managing director Daniel Kehl or the other four members of the board of directors are bubbling over with enthusiasm and passion when it comes to the company and the product. Above all, it is the first five employees who are burning for their company. Initially pure enthusiasm has already turned into passion, which is also reflected in the highly concentrated work of the specialists. People work here with a great deal of knowledge, a pronounced feeling for what is possible and a thoroughly meticulous precision that is ready to use their fingers, who by no means want to leave everything to modern technology.

Although the operating rooms of the bottling plant amaze with real high-tech, it cannot replace human commitment and true passion for the best possible result. And so it is here, too, the people who implement a special Swiss virtue with their work, which we simply call the deepest connection to the highest quality end product. Accordingly, the work has its price here, of course. And this is by no means the case in the low-price segment of foreign wage bottlers.

Daniel Kehl almost explains his pricing strategy in clear words: "We work with pharmaceutical companies that have products where a litre can be worth a few million francs. And it is precisely these companies who want us to recover every millilitre of the precious substances precisely filled into the smallest quantities. And last but not least, it is the end consumers to whom we owe the most precise work. A price in the upper segment is therefore justified."

On Course for Growth Right From the Start

Even though Swissfillon AG may still appear to be a rather small company at the moment, the course has been set for growth right from the start. As soon as further national and international business customers grow in addition to the first customers from Switzerland and Austria, Swissfillon will expand its capacities in line with demand. The company is already planning this year with a workforce of around 20 employees. And a further location is already planned, albeit not yet ready for decision.

But what the still young company wants in any case is to stay in Valais. This is where the newcomer in the fill & finish segment of the pharmaceutical industry not only has its roots, but also its future. The location in Visp offers a place to work and live in equal measure. Only two hours to the important airports in the surrounding area, an attractive landscape on the doorstep and an overall positive social climate make the region around Visp an interesting location for highly specialised employees who not only want to work here but also live well with their families.

In addition, the location away from the large Swiss pharmaceutical centres offers another clear advantage. Anyone who decides to work for Swissfillon will not leave so quickly. Of course, this also calls for employees with a high degree of loyalty to the company. And the young company prefers to train them itself. This also creates the necessary professional background for a lasting high quality, which is so important at Swissfillon.

The filling specialist is also happy to involve interested pharmaceutical companies in its development process. To this end, the Swissfillon Excellence Academy will soon be launched. This small but fine spin-off will then form the basis for cooperation between companies in the industry with regard to joint marketing and specialisation in the sterile filling of highly potent pharmaceutical liquids. A step that is likely to generate further interest both nationally and internationally.

And if your physician soon gives you a tip that is important for your health, Swissfillon AG may have filled it with the utmost precision.


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